For many people (especially those who grew up in the city) New York is a kind of shining beacon

For many people (especially those who grew up in the city) New York is a kind of shining beacon, a city that represents the greatest of everything in the arts and culture. Like Hollywood, New York is a kind of dream factory, and this city attracts the smartest, most talented people in the arts and entertainment, as well as those who shine with business and cultural savvy. All of this adds up to a place that keeps luring in free new talent, even as the city becomes more challenging to deal with as rents go up and available apartment space dwindles down.

A Cultural Center That Offers Great Excitement

Even today, New York is “the city that never sleeps.” This place pulses with excitement, and New York has often been used as a backdrop for many great movies, like “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” That film offered a highly romantic view of this city as a place where a young woman could break out on her own in a glamorous setting and find true love and meaning. Even though the city has more grit than was portrayed in its Hollywood image, the truth is that this city still offers a highly romantic allure. That’s why many people choose to come here for a short term tryout, to see if they can actually hack it for the long term.

Some actors find a sublet apartment for a few months initially, and get a mailbox service new york to handle their mail while they see if they can get a toe hold in the industry here. Though this city can be daunting, with its size and high noise level, some people really thrive here, which is why this city keeps luring in people who want to pursue their dreams on a bigger stage.