The Ever Evolving Advertising World

When a company has an exciting new product to promote, the biggest part of the job, in some ways, is in getting the word out to consumers. The world of advertising has developed as a way to get the word out, and the myriad strategies advertisers use to spread the word about a company are amazing, to say the least. Still, there’s no question that marketing ploys have changed a lot over the years, as people’s tastes and our culture have evolved.

Advertising In Years Past

In the past, advertising styles were much different than today. Old ads from the 1800s and the early 20th Century stand out as being very copy heavy. People got a lot of information from the written word in those days, so advertising approaches followed suit. In the 18th Century, a lot of advertising ran in magazines and newspapers, and the packaging on products also had a lot of verbiage. Some of this wording is almost comical to read today, as it is so different than what people expect these days.

As the culture evolved and television became more of a force in advertising, things smoothed out a lot. By the 1960s, a lot of print advertising had a much cleaner look, with a greater emphasis on visuals. From there, things have evolved even farther, and today’s advertising uses not only TV, print and radio, but social media itself. A lot of the advertising on social media sites like Instagram doesn’t even look like advertising. The subtle take used here is all part of the new approach to getting the word out to consumers, yet in a more sophisticated way.

What’s Old Is Still Effective

Interestingly, some older approaches to advertising, like mobile billboards los Angeles, are still very effective at putting out messages. These types of ads are very cost effective given the impact they have, and they can be used as one more part of an overall ad campaign.

What’s old is new again, as the saying goes, and in the ad world, that’s saying alot.