A Touch Of Class In Your Basket


Sometimes, you might need a gift for an employer or someone who holds a special place in your heart. You can make gourmet gift baskets with a variety of treats in them depending on what the person enjoys. The basket that you shouldn’t be just any basket. It should be in good condition with each component intact. Try to find a basket that has a slight shine to it as this will make it look a little more elegant.

A vintage basket filled with a cheese board or cutting board and a variety of gourmet cheeses is an option to consider. You can also include wine and a wine glass and a few boxes of gourmet crackers. This is a gift that you want to give to someone as soon as it’s made so that the cheese stays fresh. It’s a gift to consider for someone who is older or someone who enjoys wines and cheeses instead of sweet foods.

Many people don’t take the time to eat breakfast, but with a gourmet basket filled with foods to prepare in the morning, someone might take the time to enjoy this important meal of the day. A nice cloth that lines the inside of the basket is a good way to start making the gift. Include a small pound cake or a cinnamon cake along with a gourmet jar of preserves with a spoon attached. You can also include a small bag of coffee that the person might enjoy. If you don’t want to use cake, then consider a nice pancake or muffin mix. Include a nice message with the basket that lets the person know how special they are and how the gift can be enjoyed. Someone who enjoys a variety of beverages might like tea or coffee might enjoy simple syrups that are infused with different flavors. Mint and cranberry are examples of the flavors that you could use in syrups.