5 Proven Ways To Make Money From Recycling

Recycling for Profit: 5 Ways to Turn Your Trash into Cash | Earth911

Has it ever crossed your mind that you can make money from recycling? Yes, you can. Recycling not only saves the planet, but it also enriches you. Now you have a question, how do I recycle? We’ve got you covered.

In this article, we’ll share five proven ways to make money from recycling with you. You’d find Collected.Reviews very helpful too as it contains reviews and information about the best recycling companies. This will guide you as you embark on your recycling journey.

Below are five proven ways to make money from recycling.

1.     Recycle Old Books:

You have no reason to litter your home with old books that you no longer need because you can’t bear the guilt of throwing them out. You can do away with them in a profitable way by recycling. You can get new books with the money you’d get from recycling them even. But one thing you note is that books in over bad conditions may not be accepted for recycling easily. This is why we advise you to always keep your books well. Decluttr is awesome in book recycling.  All you have to do is send the barcode of the book to them and they’ll let you know how best to proceed with recycling your books.

2.     Cans And Bottles:

You can make money from recycling your cans and bottles too. You’d find this more profitable if you recycle them in bulk. Instead of throwing all your used cans and bottles into the thrash, simply look for a nice place to keep them until they’re enough to fetch you a good amount of money.

3.     Ink Cartridges:

You’ll surely have a lot of ink cartridges if you write a lot. Recycling ink cartridges is yet another profitable recycling venture. They sell for different prices depending on type and other factors. It’s high time your ink cartridges left the trash cans.

4.     Old Car Batteries:

You’d agree with us that old car batteries depreciate in value the moment they begin to go bad. You’d have no use for them, and you just keep them lying around in wait for a day you’d need them. A day that will never come. Get rid of your old car batteries by recycling them. Save the environment and earn some money for yourself. You win on two sides!

5.     Scrap Metals:

These ones are one of the most recycled items. They come in a myriad of forms. From a piece of iron to your kitchen utensils. One thing you should note about recycling scrap metals is the fact that ferrous metals are a whole lot cheaper compared to non-ferrous metals. So, know better than demanding same recycle rates for the both of them. You can identify ferrous metals from non-ferrous metals in a very simple way. Ferrous metals stick to magnets while non-ferrous metals do not.

Final Notes

Isn’t it absolutely amazing to save the environment and earn money for doing so? That’s what recycling does for you. Embrace it today, your bank account would be grateful that you did!