Trade Wherever and Whenever with Royal Pip

As people have begun looking for more ways to earn extra money or to work as a career from home, trading platforms like Forex have become more and more popular. One example of a Forex trading platform is Royal Pip. This company is one of the greatest leaders of Forex in the finances industry. This company includes software and other technology that supply retail and institutional means in various countries around the world. offers these platforms and market tools to their customers so they can become captains in the trading world.


Platform Options

May people do not realize the various options that are out there through Royal Pip. The two, most commonly used platforms are MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader 5 (MT5). These two platforms give traders the ability to work with Forex, futures, stocks, and CFDs. At the same time, their well-developed trading applications show FX in charts that have the most advanced technology in one application.

Another platform that Royal Pip includes is Webtrader and other, mobile platforms. The Webtrader option promotes access to various financial markets across the globe. Demo accounts and live accounts are both options to access this global scale through only the internet. These programs are supported on either a PC or a Mac. These platforms can also be accessed on cell phones using 3G or 4G internet connectivity.

Different Account Types

RoyalPip is known for its various account types they offer for their customers. There are three, separate options to pick from, and they are Standard, Pro, and VIP.

Standard accounts work on investment deposits between $100.00 and $5,000.00 total. They have a floating or variable spread option, and they typically operate on MT4 platforms. This platform type allows the accounts to be used for mobile trading, and it provides daily analysis of trades while offering 24-hour support.

On the other hand, Pro accounts require deposit investments on a higher tier, which costs between $5,000.00 and $15,000.00. This option also includes a variable spread, but it uses ECN as a payment service provider instead of relying only on in-house means. Like the Standard option, they work on MT4 and can be worked on a mobile device.

Pro accounts are extremely similar to the top tier, VIP accounts. The only, real difference is the amount of money required for investment. VIP accounts require investment deposits of $15,000.00 or more.

Unfortunately, there are limitations on the payment service providers for this company. They use the Safecharge Limited version, which are authorized and managed through the Central Bank of Cyprus. Another option, Ecommpay Limited, is great for authorizations by Financial Conduct Authority as a second option.

This company has deposit services for credit card transactions that are secured by SSL to provide deposit confirmations via mail. Any funds that are received through segregated clients using a bank wire. Therefore, trading accounts can start working in as soon as one day. Learning how to trade from that point forward is another thing, though.

Education Center

RoyalPip is known for its educational center that it offers people on how to become a trader. They do not just let people take money and invest it blindly. They give great start-off training for people, and they remain at that person’s side for the entire time that they work as a trader. After all, older tactics only work for so long, so continuing education is a must for traders to remain abreast of how to keep their jobs flowing smoothly.


RoyalPip is a perfect company for beginning and seasoned traders to go with. They offer so many tools and much education, so they have everything available that meets the needs of all traders. They are willing to walk a person’s career path in trading every step of the way, if need be, to make a person a master at trading.