Online Business For Beginners

Online business seems to be one of the choices in running a business. Are you interested in getting started? If yes, then you are in the right place. Because this time Skill Academy will share tips on how to build an online business from scratch.

As you know, this type of business can be said to be complicated. Yep, it looks easy and instant, but of course it requires a lot of focus and effort. For those of you who want to run this business, here are some steps you can try.

  • Decide what type of business you want to run
  • Develop a simple business plan
  • Market research
  • Define target customers
  • Decide on a platform to sell on
  • Maximize the features in the market
  • Create a shop website
  • Feel free to promote your product on social media

How to start an online business

1. Determine the type of business you want to run

The first important step that you must take is to determine what business you want to run. Be it food, clothes or electronics. Of course, by knowing the product you want to sell, you will easily determine the next step. For those of you who are still confused about what products you want to sell, don’t hesitate to develop the ideas that are currently in your head.

2. Develop a simple business plan

The next step that is arguably no less important is to create a business plan. Simply put, a business plan or business plan is a plan or part that you must do to achieve your business goals.

3. Market research

Through market research, you can better understand your products and potential customers. You can start this market research by looking for similar products that are also being sold by your competitors. Starting from the shape of the product, the price on the market, to the method of service, it is important for you to know. This can make it easier for you to analyze the advantages, disadvantages and opportunities of the products you are going to sell. As for these things, you can create and develop better products later.

4. Determine the target customer

Apart from market research, you also need to define your target customers. Simply put, if you know who will buy your product, then starting from the product form, service method, to future promotion strategies, you can do it more easily.

5. Determine the platform to be sold

After discussing the basic things in business, then we will discuss things that are more technical in nature. Yep, that is choosing a suitable platform to sell your product. If you sell products in the form of goods, then using a marketplace or e-commerce will be the right thing. For example by entering your product in a “green shop” or “orange shop”.

6. Maximize the features on the platform used

If you use a marketplace such as an online store. So don’t forget to maximize existing features, such as images, videos, descriptions, to ratings and comment fields. With existing features, you can streamline your product sales. For example, include a clear product image. Because with clear product images you can convince potential buyers more.