How To Make Your Event Stand Out

Every weekend there are thousands of events held throughout the nation. People have a lot of options to choose from and event planners must find a way to get people interested. When you’re hosting an event, how do you make it stand out? What do you do to draw more people in? Below are three ways you can make one everyone can’t wait to attend.

Create a Fear of Missing Out

FOMO (fear of missing out) has been proven socially and psychologically to impact people’s decision-making processes. If people perceive that by not attending your event, they will be missing out on something amazing, they’re more likely to attend. Create FOMO by hitting social media and stress the urgency of the event. Let your audience know how unique it will be. Create a once-in-a-lifetime vibe, and people won’t want to miss it.

Create a Brand for Your Event

When you have repetition, consistency and reputation, you have a brand, and people come to recognize and be aware of your business or product.  Create a logo or motto that goes along with your event. Use this everywhere you advertise, whether on television, on your website, on banners or on radio ads. One great way to get your motto out there is to rent changeable message signs. People always read these, and they can be configured to display whatever message you want.

Create Expectation

While people want to enjoy the event, and won’t want to miss something memorable, they also want to know what to expect. Be honest about what your event will offer. Share an itinerary or schedule. Don’t try to trick people in by offering one thing and giving them something completely different. They’ll never trust you again. Set expectations early, and don’t disappoint your patrons.

Since there are lots of events out there every weekend, make yours stand out. Give people something they can look forward to, get your message out there, and give the people what they want.