Additional Creativity Leads to Industry-Leading Insurance Solutions

What many in the business world are finding today is that they have been leaving money out on the table by just doing some things without thinking. There are, of course, some costs that people never question. They have to have insurance, right? They just pay the bill to ensure they can rest easy at night. What if there were other options to allow business owners to become more efficient? A captive insurance broker might tell you that these options exist. More, they might tell you that many industries are using captive insurance to help their companies save money while getting better coverage.

What is captive insurance coverage? Truly it is quite simple. Rather than a company paying premiums every month or year to a big insurance company that covers lots of different types of entities, the company will join together with other companies in the same industry to come … Read more

4 Ways a Professional Plumbing Inspection Saves You Money

Calling in a plumber does not have to wait until there is a major plumbing emergency. You can have potential problems uncovered before getting into a difficult position, or simply find ways to save cash on energy or water use. Below are four ways a complete plumbing inspection proves extremely useful in saving money.

Determining the Cause and Eliminating Plumbing Clogs

Clogs of your plumbing drains are more than aggravating. A serious drain clog can cause raw sewage to back up into your home. It is a mess that can take hundreds of dollars to have properly cleaned. A professional plumber Corona CA can trace the source of the clog and get your drains running freely again.

Tracking Down and Fixing Plumbing Leaks

A constant leak of water can produce a high water bill that is almost shocking. It can be nearly impossible to detect the source of the leak … Read more