Why Murdoch might change the top WSJ editor

Matt Murray

Steven Perlberg of Insider examined a potential change at the top of The Wall Street Journal, where speculation is that editor in chief Matt Murray might be replaced with Sunday Times editor Emma Tucker.

Perlberg writes, “The Journal has also spent the last few years retooling its digital strategy, which irked reporters who have been asked to write about trending topics more frequently, as Insider reported. Like many news leaders, Murray faced staff pressure on diversity and inclusion issues in the wake of the racial reckoning across corporate America following the murder of George Floyd.

“But Murdoch has little patience for newsroom revolts, and Murray has had the difficult task of maintaining support of both journalists at the paper and News Corp management. One Journal staffer said that Murray had the backing of the newsroom. Another said Murray was largely ‘inoffensive,’ but that he seemed to prefer the hands-on nitty gritty of story editing rather than being a public figure championing the Journal brand, in contrast to Baker, who was seen as a ‘great lunch,’ according to the former London-based News Corp executive.

“Those who know Tucker say she’s somewhere in the middle, a journalist’s journalist who honed her craft at the Financial Times but also someone who works well with the business side and management.

“She would nevertheless face a tough environment as an outsider, particularly ahead of coverage of the 2024 presidential election.”

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