How The Logic sets itself apart

The Logic editor in chief David Skok writes about how the Canadian technology site sets itself apart during a time of uncertainty.

Skok writes, “While we face the same headwinds as others in the industry, after almost five years of hard work—and from the continued support of readers like you—we are uniquely positioned to take advantage of these shifts. We uphold the highest standards of journalistic integrity, we don’t face the same growing costs as outlets that publish analog media and we have a business team that doesn’t compromise editorial integrity in the pursuit of commercial relationships. This strength of character, discipline and resilience positions us well to take advantage of advertisers’ flight to quality.

“Three years ago, I wrote in a memo to our team that we should always bear in mind the former Wall Street Journal editor Barney Kilgore adage that readers want to know what’s coming around the corner. If The Logic is able to provide ‘certainty in a time of uncertainty,’ we will be successful.”

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