CNBC changes producers for business day programming

Dan Colarusso, senior vice president of CNBC Business News, and Craig Bengtson, vice president of business news programming, sent out the following on Tuesday:

The success of CNBC’s Business Day programming begins and ends with strong, optimistic leadership across our newsroom. In an effort to continue to develop fresh, content ideas in new places and offer growth opportunities to our colleagues, we are excited to announce the following re-assignments and promotions among our producer ranks:

Anne Tironi has been named Senior Executive Producer in charge of “Squawk Box.” A confident and firm leader, Anne has had a significant and positive impact on this iconic program for more than 16 years with much of it coming from her steady hand in the control room. A tremendous collaborator and communicator, Anne is one of the few leaders who is adept at managing both content and people equally well.

Rebecca White has been named “Supervising Producer” and will move from “Power Lunch” to “Squawk Box,” replacing Anne as second-in-command. Rebecca brings to “Squawk Box” a powerful, editorial voice with an array of management experience and a knack for improving any content she touches. Rebecca’s Senior Producer position on “Power Lunch” will be posted.

Executive Producer Maria Boden will move from “The Exchange” and “Power Lunch” to “TechCheck,” where her relentless energy and willingness to try new things will be of enormous value to the program. Hired by CNBC seven years ago, Maria is well known for her tenacious spirit and approach to making business news actionable and entertaining.

Senior Executive Producer Matt Quayle rejoins the daily ranks of Business News by taking the helm of “The Exchange” and “Power Lunch.” After years of overseeing “Squawk Box,” Matt was instrumental in the creation of “The Exchange,” Closing Bell’s “Market Zone” segment and “TechCheck.” He has also worked diligently on a variety of new programming ideas, specials, and important projects including the use of augmented reality and the redesign of the daily “News Updates.” It will be fun to see Matt leading a show team again.

Senior Executive Producer Max Meyers will begin work, immediately, on a new 7pm business news program. After four years leading “Squawk Box,” Max will have an opportunity to deploy his deep markets knowledge and vast network experience to carve out CNBC’s place in prime time. A 16-year veteran of the network, Max has been a driving force behind the success of many CNBC projects and programs including “Fast Money.”

These changes will be effective December 19.

Please join us in congratulating, and supporting, all of our colleagues who are taking on new challenges and responsibilities.