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I’m with Reich and Bray. The issue is that wages are too low, not that the security internet is just too snug.

Good for them. Let em cry. Better but, tell the nugatory bastids to repair it themselves. HAHAHAHAH, yeah, we all know how that might all turn out. Fk em. They’re all born mentally unwell anyhow. There isn’t a assist for them. They’re like this country, IRREDEEMABLE! I just think it’s too dangerous that the whole west and south side of Chicongo doesn’t have the identical pipes. I actually wish they did, considering it’s inhabitants of in the present day.

That is something I have noticed: you go to a fast food place with blacks behind the counter and they are sullen, service is gradual, and it is best to watch closely how the meals is ready if you do not want to lose your lunch. However hispanics? OK, a lot of them are within the Homeland illegally, but they usually give service with a smile, service is nice, and also you would possibly even be tempted to go away the change in the tip jar.

How lengthy earlier than there are How-To videos… not on YouTube as a result of they’d be removed in a heartbeat, but being handed along by Bit Torrent, e-mail and even hand at hand by reminiscence chip? 32 GB microSD chips for $3.20 on Amazon. If the web gets censored or shut down, whole libraries can match on the tip of your finger and be copied in minutes. All the support of Talmudvision can not hold BRA from failing.

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