Global Energy and Unconventional Oil Production

Every country in the world depends on petroleum oil to fuel vehicles, appliances, and to provide energy. Over seventy-five percent of the world’s energy comes from petroleum. This has been the standard for many years, but things are starting to change. The shale oil boom that has been enjoyed in the U.S. and Canada over the past decade has boosted the unconventional oil production and is spreading. The shale oil boom is about to go global.

Shale oil is an unconventional oil created in shale rock deposits as organic materials decompose. With refinement, it can be used as fuel or as a replacement for certain oils. This unusual substance was discovered in the mid-fourteenth century and used as pitch and tar. Later, it was used to light the streets of France. More recently, large gas basins and oil deposits have been discovered in areas around the world. The Energy Information Administration committed to a major survey that laid bare many large deposits in several companies. Although the market in North America is strong, the best opportunities are in the global market.

Although the Shale Oil Road Map shows deposits in several parts of the world, the majority of the map is blank. This means countless opportunities are on the horizon. Investors that see this as more than just another source of income can invest in lucrative contracts available from manufacturer’s in South America. These contracts will bring about more than just profits. A change is coming to the world energy industry, and investors are poised to make that change more powerful. Just as the petroleum industry changed the world, shale oil is going to bring about a new way of providing energy to those in need.

The largest shale oil and gas deposits are found in Mexico, China, and Argentina. Since these discoveries were made in other countries, investors may find it a bit more challenging to jump into those markets. Instead of investing in a pre-established infrastructure, they will be getting in on an undeveloped market. While some companies have already invested heavily in the market, there’s a lot more work to be done. The shale oil industry is ripe for growth, and more opportunities are appearing every day.