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Steel Trusses: A Guide These triangulated systems of interconnected metals support our roofs in their simple ways. The stability they give expands horizontally and carries huge loads. They hold up the weight of airport terminal roofs, bear the horizontal extensions of airport hangers, and carry the roof system of any sports stadium. And it makes you wonder what is the best steel truss that you can declare the number one? 1. Pratt Truss a.k.a. ‘N’ Truss. Twenty to 100 meters spanned buildings are reinforced best with this type. Predominantly gravity load-related buildings like covered courts use this type for optimal results. The diagonal members act like intermediate supports for any kind of applied loads. They are excellent in limiting the compressions made by buckling lengths. Any kind of covered courts are perfectly supported even with heavy loads from bending and bracing. These popular designs were invented by Thomas Willis Pratt … Read more

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A Guide to Solar Panel Installation

More and more people are having thoughts in considering alternative answers for their needs for energy. Increasing expenses and costs for the production of electricity and as well as the consideration for the environment are driving the alternative energy industry. The solar energy is one of the well known alternatives for an environment friendly production of energy. Solar power has become affordable and within the budge of most home owners as of today even though solar panels were expensive a few years ago. Choosing the best solar panel for your home is now the only remaining task at hand.

Before you purchase, there are few things which you must take into consideration. One is where you will put your solar array. You will generally need a south-facing area, usually at the top of the roof of your home. Installation on the ground is also … Read more

Enterprise Class Security Solutions from MonsterCloud

Businesses these days have quite a lot to worry about no the web. There are many kinds of threats looming on the internet and any one of them could spell disaster for the company. Enterprise class cyber security solutions exist to stop these threats and protect the data that businesses count on. Going without this protection is a huge risk for any business. To reduce this risk, company owners and leaders need to talk to their service provider about putting a robust and powerful security solution in place. There are several ways service providers such as MonsterCloud can help companies protect themselves, their clients, and their business partners.

Security software can protect against a variety of threats. Viruses, spyware, and other malware can be stopped with a combination of up to date definitions, heuristic detection, and built-in protection included in modern hardware. Additional software can be used to scan for … Read more

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Erasing Everything on Your Hard Drive There are few things that have changed our lives quite as much as the computer. Computers have had such a profound affect on society in a relatively short period of time, just a few decades. The speed at which computers are improving is amazing and it seems every year there is a new options that offers more processing power and speed. When you are on the market to upgrade to a new computer the one that you are currently using is going to have some value. You are going to be able to sell it and get some money to lower the cost of your upgrade. However; when you sell your computer you do not want to include all of the information you have saved on it since you got it. This is why you are going to want to learn how to degauss … Read more

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How to Degauss Your Hard Drive If you’re considering how to degauss your hard drive, you probably want to have all data kept in it permanently eliminated so you can dispose or recycle the hard drive. Degaussing is a form of demagnetization whereby a device like a hard drive is exposed to a magnetic field that’s fluctuating and more intense. The intense magnetic field is generated by a machine called a degausser. Subjecting your hard drive to this strong, shifting magnetic field causes its magnetic charge to be reset to a neutral state. In the event a memory device has its magnetic charge reset to neutral, it permanently loses all the data it contains. If you’re planning on buying a degausser to erase the data in your hard disk, just know that there are different types of the devices that use varying degaussing technology. Available in the market are the … Read more