An Important Aspect Of Building And Improving Business Management Systems

Most entrepreneurs in running their business business only based on experience without being based on a good management system in managing the system and running its business operations. So it is not surprising that many companies in Indonesia survive only a few years, if the company can be large, the magnitude is just like a balloon that can be large but empty its contents, this is because most companies are not built by a management system but only built oriented and or pursuit of profit Only.

If this is how business actors can compete with competitors that they are strong because of the good system they have if from the side of the management system alone is not strong. Business people will usually recognize the importance of a management system when a business process experiences obstacles and symptoms that can hamper work productivity like many rejects, multiple customer complaints, high production costs, old and ineffective and efficient production processes. So what should be done if this happens? The answer is no other way but together committed to build a good business management system and immediately take action to improve the real from management. Here are the basic steps that are easy and appropriate in improving and building a good management system. Among them:


Setting the Business Process Management

 Business Process Management is a method and appropriate steps in continuous improvement / Continual Improvement because Business Management process is a systematic way in aligning and simplifying a business process to be more effective and efficient in managing the business flow from Input-Process to Output so that business process is easy Controlled and controlled. By rearranging the Business Process will help management know which job process has been hampering work productivity as well as to quickly improve the business process system so that the business process becomes more effective and efficient and adaptive that results in accordance with the wishes and expectations that can minimize the resources That are needed and erode the things that have been only a waste of time and cost. Lack of understanding of management in the management of a good system to build a solid business causes business processes to be confused and complicated so much waste of time and cost and of course this will hamper work productivity and can affect the quality of products produced, where the product here is defined as a service product Or goods.

Review of Organizational Structure

After making improvements to Business Process then make improvements in the organizational structure. Usually companies that are not built with a good system do not have a good organizational structure as well, this will certainly cause unclear tasks of authority and responsibility to the resources owned. Many business people consider the organizational structure as the only company owned by a large company, whereas the organizational structure is very important and many benefits include: By having an organizational structure means a company has imagined what kind of business in the future, with the Organizational Structure management can know post- Post everywhere which later requires Human Resources that support the business process of the company and become a separate motivation for career development, the third organizational structure as a function of the delegation that is with the organizational structure management can easily separate the function delegation between each function and part though sometimes for the new start There is a limited effort Human Resources that result in dual positions but at least can be known at the right position where management delegate tasks to employees. Most things that hamper work productivity is the inaccuracy of management in delegating tasks to people who are not in accordance with the competence so that this would be a barrier and ultimately not maximal work even become chaotic.

Establish Standard Operating Procedure

SOP or commonly translated as Standard Operating Procedure is a system designed to facilitate, tidy up and regulate a job. SOP contains the process sequence in doing the work from input-process to output. SOP is a reference and standard procedure that must be followed by all employees in carrying out their duties and responsibilities. The purpose of the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), among others, so that employees can always maintain consistency in every day-to-day work, a clear reference work. In addition, with the SOP Employees will know clearly Roles & Responsibilities because in SOP already explain clearly the flow of each task – each. With the creation of standard SOP then the job / Employment of employees will be more smoothly because each of the existing guidelines and reference, but also when there is a case of abuse / abuse of authority, SOP can also be used as a strong legal basis. may be useful.